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www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50 WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 105 COMPONENTS COMPONENTS CABINET 717 1120 750 125 125 175 50 225 900 75 75 75 75 75 298 298 560 36 40 200 max. weight capacity 100 kg type no. 22566 1 drawer for hand and measurement tools, Max. weight capacity 200 kg Drawer 75 mm type no. 22567 Drawer arrangement Removable if needed for transportation Bottom plate type no. 377487 Bottom plate type no. 22086 Spacer plate type no. 22088 Removable if needed for transportation 5 x drawer 75 mm with telescope guide 100 These tool cabinets are delivered standard with: • 1 shallow drawer, weight capacity of 100 kg, to store measuring tools etc. • A base with removable kick plates front and back to allow for easy movement with fork-lift or pallet truck. • A tilting guard, so that only 1 drawer at a time can be opened. • Lockable doors. • All drawers are provided with an additional locking device. • A black rubber mat on top. • 5 drawers with perforated bottom, weight capacity of 200 kg each. The distance between the drawers can be adjusted easily in steps of about 25 mm. • The arrangement of the tool drawers can be adjusted according to the height of the tools to be stored. • Each drawer has two bottom plates made from practically indestructible nylon with milled slots designed especially to hold vertically all WILA tools according to their adaption widths. Each drawer also includes one nylon spacer plate. • WILA has 3 bottom plates in the program. - Bottom plate type no. 377487 suitable for the OZU lower tools of the complete New Standard program, and the BIU top tools of the American Style and American Vintage programs with AS II adaption. - Bottom plate type no. 22086 suitable for the BIU top tools of the complete New Standard program. - Bottom plate type 22084 suitable for American Style top tools with AS I adaption. - Drawers, bottom and spacer plates (type no. 22088) can be delivered separately. WILA has more cabinet arrangements available, more information can be received upon request. USABLE FOR TOOLS WITH ADAPTION NS VI shoulder load with V-Lock® NS I head load NS II shoulder load NS V shoulder load AS I shoulder load AS II shoulder load