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112 WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50 ALL SORTS OF INFORMATION INDUSTRY 4.0: FROM PRODUCT TO PROCESS More and more companies in the press brake industry are encountering major changes in market demand.. Customers are looking for smaller series, which often consist of more complex products. Tools need to be changed more frequently, which means valuable time is being lost. Faster set-up times and ‘first time right’ are becoming increasingly important in the drive to maintain productivity. How can Industry 4.0 help companies to remain competitive in this changing market? Process control is becoming increasingly important. The lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) - and thus the strongest competitive position - can only be attained if the whole process is optimized. In Industry 4.0, machines, products and services are all part of the same data network, which means they can use each other's information to optimize the whole production process. WILA's approach WILA is ready for a future based on Industry 4.0. Data communication and data management play an important role in the development of all our new products and technologies. Examples of this include TIPS (Tooling Identification and Positioning System), which allows us to add intelligence to the tooling system, and the Tool Advisor, which allows us to offer online tooling advice to users. ALL SORTS OF INFORMATION INDUSTRY 4.0