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www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50 WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 115 ALL SORTS OF INFORMATION TERMS Credit: WILA is entitled to conduct a creditworthiness check before an order is accepted. Payment: Terms are based on individual agreements per customer or per items. Prices are in Euro EXW Lochem, The Netherlands. Returns: Prior approval, a WILA RMA number and shipping instructions are required before any material is returned. A handling charge of 20% is made on all standard items returned, if received in original packaging and in as new condition. Special tooling cannot be returned. Claims: WILA must be informed in advance by email or phone on all claims and deviations within 10 days of invoice date. Our purchases and sales are subject to the “Orgalime - General conditions for the delivery of mechanical, electrical and electronical products”, you can download these conditions via hyperlink www.wilatooling.com/disclaimer-and-conditions/. DISCLAIMER No part of this publication may be reproduced and/or published by means of printing, photocopying, microfilm or otherwise, without the prior written permission of WILA. Although the data recorded in this publication were compiled by the author(s) with the utmost care, WILA accepts no liability whatsoever for any incomplete or inaccurate information which may nonetheless have been included. Our products are constantly improved, which means that the current model may differ from the examples given. SAFETY WARNING All WILA standard top tools include a safety device incorporated in the adaption. New Standard Premium, New Standard Pro and American Style either have a Safety-Click®, E2M® or fixed (HD) Safety-Pins. When using top tools and bottom tools on a press brake, a forming system is created which requires analysis to determine the appropriate safe guarding for operator safety and protection. The load ratings of all tooling should be analyzed for the application. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the point of operation is effective and all required safety requirements are met. SERVICE AND SUPPORT Service and support is a major priority at WILA. Because we want our customers to receive the best possible service, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to service.eu@wilatooling.com or by phoning +31 (0) 573 28 98 50. We will be able to further improve our support if send us the WILA serial number, an accurate description and photos of the issue in question. SUPPLY OF COMPONENTS We are able to supply all the original WILA replacement and consumable parts you will require. And we can normally deliver these from stock or very quickly in order to meet your requirements. Naturally, our employees will be pleased to assist you. USER MANUALS WILA will supply a ‘Quick Start guide’ with each product you purchase, which features instructions for using all our products. This ‘Quick Start guide’ can also be downloaded from our website in various languages. Our products are also accompanied by an English user manual, which provides detailed information about the most effective way to use our products. You can request these user manuals by sending an e-mail to service.eu@wilatooling.com or you can download them from our brand portal. GUARANTEE Our deliveries are subject to the “General conditions for supplying mechanical, electrical and electronic products”, also known as Orgalime. If you have a question which does not relate to Service, please call +31 (0)573 28 98 50 or contact: Quotes: quotes.eu@wilatooling.com Orders: orders.eu@wilatooling.com Transport: transport.eu@wilatooling.com