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WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 13 New Standard Premium TOOL HOLDERS TOOL HOLDERS NEW STANDARD PREMIUM CROWNING V-LOCK® ADAPTION NS V shoulder load NS VI shoulder load with V-Lock® The V-Lock® improves the clamping and positioning of bottom tools. A groove in the tool tang allows specially designed clamping pins to automatically align and firmly clamp bottom tools in both X and Y directions. All newly manufactured New Standard Crowning and Bottom Tool Holders with Hydraulic Clamping will be supplied with specially designed clamping pins to take advantage of the V-Lock® feature. NSCR-II-HC-CNC/UPB * Not available for Tool Holders with Manual Clamping. Standard Optional Tool slot CNC-Deephardened® • Hydraulic Clamping • Manual Clamping ° Designed for press brakes with UPB-II hole pattern • Cover strip with scale • Tx-alignment • Ty-alignment permanently accessible • Ty-alignment behind Cover strip ° Smart Tool Locator® (STL)* ° Guard • Drive unit CNC, Motor at one end • Drive unit CNC, Motor completely built-in ° Weight 66 kg/m Max. load shoulders 300 t/m www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50