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WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITYž 26 TOOL HOLDERS NEW STANDARDŽ PRO TOOL HOLDERS New Standard Pro CLAMPING NSCL-I-SL/UPB Standard Optional Pneumatic Clamping • Designed for press brakes with UPB-II hole pattern • Cover strip with scale • Tx-alignment • Smart Tool Locator® (STL) ° Guards • Weight 38 kg/m Max. load head/shoulders 180 / 250 t/m SELF-LOCKING Tools are clamped using a pneumaticallycontrolled pair of self-adjusting wedges. When the wedges are engaged (clamped), they become an integral part of the tool. The Self-Locking® principle is suitable for clamping WILA’s New Standard top and bottom tools (BIU and OZU). The Premium clamping is also released pneumatically. ADAPTION NS I head load NS II shoulder load www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50