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WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 38 TOOL HOLDERS CUSTOM STYLE TOOL HOLDERS Custom Style CROWNING Customized crowning systems have been supplied as long as 15 m, as wide as 600 mm, and to support a tool weight as heavy as 16,000 kg. Some of the most popular customized crowning models are ‘CSCR-E-WIDE’ (with a wider width for using large V-opening dies or 4-Way dies) and ‘CSCR-Q’ (suitable for both square Multi-V bottom tools and Single-V-Tools). CROWNING CUSTOM STYLE CROWNING Aside from the standard New Standard Premium and New Standard Pro crowning models, WILA also offers customized crowning systems. These customized crowning systems can be engineered in collaboration with the customer, in order to meet their particular requirements and the tooling style and size range that will be used. CSCR-E-WIDE Centrally adjustable Crowning system with Mechanical Clamping and localized Y (Ty) alignment. Suitable for holding single V-tools (New Standard and American Style). Available with A3 Hydraulic Clamping pins as an option. Can be supplied with CNC motor or with H hand crank assembly. CSCR-Q Centrally adjustable Crowning system, suitable for holding square bottom tools (M dimensions needed with order) and single V-tools (New Standard and American Style). To be placed on top of the table; with B2 tang mounting optional. www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50