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WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 72 Type Length Weight kg Max load OZU-WRB-301/1 515 mm 9,3 100 t/m OZU-WRB-301/2 550 mm - sectioned 9,9 OZU-WRB-301/3 200 mm - sectioned 3,6 OZU-WRB-301/6 200 mm 3,6 Type Length Weight kg Max load OZU-WRB-303/1 515mm 18,6 200 t/m OZU-WRB-303/3 200mm - sectioned 7,2 OZU-WRB-303/6 200mm 7,2 OZU-WRB-301 OZU-WRB-303 WEBSHOP Type Length Weight kg Max load OZU-WRB-302/1 515mm 11,1 130 t/m OZU-WRB-302/2 550mm - sectioned 11,8 OZU-WRB-302/3 200mm - sectioned 4,3 OZU-WRB-302/6 200mm 4,3 OZU-WRB-302 TOOLING NEW STANDARD PRO ADAPTION NS I head load NS VI shoulder load with V-Lock® TOOLING New Standard Pro BOTTOM TOOLS www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50 The WILA Webshop features a comprehensive overview of WILA’s top and bottom tools. The Webshop can be used to request quotes, check prices, find delivery times, and place orders directly or through your preferred ASP. Create your account via: www.wilatooling.com