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WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 78 TOOLING CUSTOM STYLE TOOLING Custom Style ADJUSTABLE BOTTOM TOOLS Pre-bend and flattening in the same tool. Acts as a tool holder for OZU bottom tools. MVM Type I-1. MVM I.1 CENTRALLY ADJUSTABLE BOTTOM TOOL V-opening continuously adjustable from 6-51 mm. Delivery Standard Optional CNC drive unit • Manual adjusment with digital read-out ° No tool changes required • Always the ideal V-opening • Bending radii are CNC-Deephardened® • Pre-bend and flattening in the same tool • Will act as tool holder for OZU-tooling • Practically Unlimited bend angles (e.g. 30° at S=6 mm) • Length mm Weight kg Max load 1785 179 100 t/m _= 90° 2040 204 2380 238 2550 255 3060 306 3655 366 4080 408 4250 425 4845 481 6120 601 Note: Other lengths available on request. MULTI-V-MATIC (MVM) The automatically adjustable bottom tool MVM Type I.1 offers a number of specific advantages. Thanks to the interval-free adjustment possibilities, the optimum V-opening can always be selected. Changing the V-opening is ultra-fast as there are no bottom tools to change out and no spacer bars are required. The V-opening can be changed using a CNC Drive Motor which can be tied into the press brake control allowing the V-opening to be programmed in automatically. Or the MVM can be supplied with a manual hand crank assembly and digital counter to select and display the desired V-opening. Thanks to the compact construction, the user has optimum bending freedom. Moreover, the construction is extremely stable because it was designed based on the vise principle. It is even possible to combine the system with a hemming tool (e.g. type BIU-051) to pre-bend and to flatten. At the same time, the MVM can be used as a tool holder for other bottom tools with a 13 mm adaption, for example OZU bottom tools from the New Standard or American Style programs. www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50