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www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50 WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 3 INTRODUCTION The world is ever changing and social trends cannot be seen separately from industrial and commercial trends. Everything is interrelated and that means you must continue to invest and develop in order to keep pace with the latest changes. WILA realizes how important this is and is doing everything necessary to remain at the forefront. Demand for sustainable solutions with a high level of flexibility continues to increase. And the underlying trend responsible for this - i.e. increasing complexity and decreasing series size, due to ever increasing demand for “customization” and the need to reduce waste - is a major driver for us. Sustainable investment in optimizing the production processes of our customers has become our key business. This applies externally, by offering high quality solutions to our customers, as well as internally, by further optimizing our in-house processes. Once again, everything is interrelated. WILA offers solutions which must withstand the following questions before they are launched on to the market: does the solution help to further improve customer productivity?; does it allow customers to speed up their production activities?; to produce in a more flexible manner?; to produce in a safer and more reliable manner?; or to produce with greater accuracy so the number of rejects is minimized? All of these factors can result in lower operating costs and higher production efficiency. We want to excel in these specific areas and continue to offer added benefits to our customers. The only way to achieve this is to subject our in-house processes to the same questions. WILA invests heavily in further optimizing our business activities and production processes, so that we can continue to improve and remain a reliable partner for our customers. INTRODUCTION Hans Willemsen Managing Director. This catalog features a comprehensive overview of new innovations as well as well-known solutions, and has been compiled in an intuitive and informative manner so it can later be used for reference purposes. We would also like to remind you that this information is also available on our website (www.wilatooling.com) and in our web shop, where you will find our latest news and offerings. Finally, WILA possesses a team of qualified application engineers and developers who can work with you to design solutions for your specific and special needs. We challenge you to put us to the test! We would like to thank you for your interest and hope the catalog will enable you to identify new and appealing possibilities to enhance your productivity.