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www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50 WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 4 NEW STANDARD PREMIUM Press brake tools of the very highest quality, which are based on WILA’s long standing expertise and experience. They have been developed with great care in order to comply with extreme tolerances and the most complex requirements under all conditions. New Standard Premium is appreciated for its uncompromising performance and quality in sheet metal processing industries throughout the world. NEW STANDARD PRO The leading standard for bending applications with less extreme requirements, but where top quality and productivity are essential. New Standard Pro is a comprehensive WILA product line and has been developed for tools with a limited working height. An intelligent combination between clamping system and tooling helps to guarantee perfect and consistent bending results. AMERICAN STYLE The WILA product range designed especially for the North American market. American Style press brake tools and accessories have been carefully adapted by WILA to suit the American approach to sheet-metal bending. This range of products is ideal for all press brakes with an American Style upper beam configuration. Of course, WILA’s American Style product range is also characterized by very high quality standards. INTRODUCTION WILA PRESS BRAKE TOOLING SYSTEMS When productivity is a priority Modern bending technology is all about productivity. And this priority can only be met with appropriate press brake tools; durable and high quality tools that have been developed to guarantee the productivity you require. For over 90 years, WILA’s solutions have been inspired by our mission: Press Brake Productivity. PRODUCT GROUPS WILA develops and manufactures tooling systems for press brakes. No two applications are the same and each situation is different. WILA is able to meet all needs via three separate product ranges - New Standard Premium, New Standard Pro and American Style. These lines of products reflect a level of quality that serves as the international standard in press brake tools.