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WE LIVE PRESS BRAKE PRODUCTIVITY 5 INTRODUCTION WILA’S VALUES Speed, accuracy and safety are core values in all WILA bending technology. Award-winning innovations make the tool changing process faster, safer and extremely accurate. The performance offered by New Standard and American Style tools is of lasting quality. The Universal Press Brake concept guarantees great flexibility, and thereby allows New Standard to realize its full potential throughout the world. Together, the following WILA values help to create a solid foundation for all of our products. ACCURACY Perfectionism is an essential element of productivity. All WILA’s New Standard and American Style tools and accessories have a modular structure and have been created with the highest level of precision. This guarantees you the exact tolerances you require. The combination of New Standard and American Style tools with New Standard Tool Holders (Clamping, Crowning and Bottom Tool Holders) offers the most refined configuration possibilities for permanently eliminating horizontal and vertical tolerances. DURABILITY All WILA products have a long life span. New Standard tools are CNC-Deephardened® (56-60 HRc) for all bending radii and are extremely wear resistant. Many New Standard Tool Holders systems (Clamping, Crowning and Bottom Tool Holders) are also CNC-Deephardened® (ca. 56 HRc) throughout the critical tool loading slot and are manufactured from high quality CR-MO steel to avoid load compression. This high level performance is guaranteed over a long life span, with wear and tear becoming a negligible concern. FLEXIBILITY It is important to create an effective balance between press brakes, tools and the operator if one wants to achieve a high level of productivity. And this productivity must be available to all users because WILA respects a customer’s right to use different types and brands of machines. The Universal Press Brake concept makes it possible to use this high quality bending technology with every type of press brake. This means all press brakes can be suitable for New Standard, American Style as well as customized tools. SPEED Even the very best press brakes are less productive without efficient tool changes. WILA’s award-winning technology makes it possible to change all top and bottom tools very quickly. Heavier tools can also be changed in no time at all. And this is done while respecting high standards of efficiency, ergonomics and safety. SAFETY Productivity is the result of cutting edge technology, but also involves human intervention. That is why WILA takes no risks when it comes to creating safe working environments. Constant and explicit attention to safety has helped to create groundbreaking innovations. For example, New Standard and American Style top tools feature the patented Safety-Click® system and all tools are segmented to allow easy one operator handling. www.wilatooling.com sales: +31 (0)573 28 98 50